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Well so much for going to bed early last night! I logged offline at just gone 1am, was still awake at gone 5. My foot was itching like crazy all night =/ Got up and into the car and set off for the cotswold wildlife park place, decided to sleep in the car..and then my nose went ultra itchy too LOL, like i dont know if it was the vibration from the road or what but i couldnt sleep, by the time we got there i had a nose like rudolph which i wasnt happy about =p  I saw my brother, i know he's home next week but its still good to see him. I got to see my beloved car aswell <3 haha. Its really weird to think hes moving to spain next week. Like i wont be able to just call him or anything, and i wont see him for 4 months, like thats so so long =/ We dont always see eye to eye, he annoys me so much lol..but he's still my brother and after everything we've been through as a family it just feels really odd being so far from him for so long. Im trying not to dwell on it too much, i know he has a life to live and he doesnt need us holding him back.  I go to Thailand in like a week...got some new clothes today ready for the trip. Going to be an adventure lol, more excited to go so i can home again haha, im like MEGA excited about Sam coming to stay on the 8th! All in all its been an ok day, wonder what 2moro will bring! =]

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