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Haven't blogged in AGES =/

Well this week has been like full of suprises!, First of all my dad insured me on his 4x4, i went out for a lesson in it and it was scary as hell lol, like the thing is seriously a tank. I was all settled with the notion in my head that when i returned from Thailand i was going to get myself a crappy old car etc until James rang home and got worried to hear i was planning on getting something cheap and potentially unsafe. He has a real thing about car safety since his crash which i suppose makes perfect sense, anyway he decided that he wasnt happy with me buying a car that probably wouldnt have airbags etc and so announced he was giving me his Mercedes. I mean i really dont know what to say its the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, i mean its not like its some cheap hand-me-down..its a REALLY nice car. The insurance has all been sorted out on it and as of the 5th i can legally drive it. I have to drive up to Milton Keynes and back on the 12th with him which normally i wouldnt be over-joyed about as it means hours by myself in the car, but this time its going to be awesome as im stopping by to visit Sam while im over that way. Its weird how things pan out in the end, a few days ago i was all down thinking il never get back on the road without incurring massive debt, and now here i am with a brand new car and it hasnt cost me a penny! 

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