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Boring day

Well todays been completely retarded. I got up at 12, watched some tv then had a shower and then spent the rest of the day on the sofa and set some kind of record lol. My rents went to Cathy and Steves house for another BBQ, had mum going on and on about how their son Sam was going to be a forensic scientist and how we have soo much in common *rolls eyes* Like fair enough if he actually wants to do that kind of thing, but judging by what he told my mum about his fantastic future career it sounds like he watched 2 episodes of CSI and decided he was going to do that LOL. Apparently he's really interested with serial killers too so mother decided to tell him to come over whenever he wants and he can borrow my books...gee, thanks mum. So aside from trying to pair me off with the 16 year old not much has happened today.Oh, the cat tried to kill itself which was kind of amusing lol. Its got a thyroid problem and wont stop hassling us for food 24/7 and its getting VERY annoying. I went to the loo and he was outside the door yowling and scratching at the paintwork so i had to open the door and let him in with me lol, well i went to the loo, flushed it and started washing my hands only to see the cat leap headfirst into the toilet bowl as it was flushing. He managed to kind of get out before he got wet, but god damn was it funny lol. He ran so fastout the door it was like a blur haha, then he asked to go outside...in the rain =/ so he ended up drenched in the end anyway lol. I didnt txt Joe today, i wanted to..like REALLY wanted to, but i just dont want to meet him with his gf there.  I'd rather if it was just the 2 of us, i just dont get why everything is always so complicated. I mean i know im not much of a looker and im not stick thin, but my hearts in the right place and i dont think im a bad person. I just dont see why its so rediculously hard to find someone that can see past whats on the outside! One of the few people i know can do that is taken so just a great big PFFFFFT lol.  Looking forward to tomorrow, i get to drive the Shogun around town mwuahahaha. Just looking forwards to being able to get out this bloody house when i want!

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