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Well so much for going to bed early last night! I logged offline at just gone 1am, was still awake at gone 5. My foot was itching like crazy all night =/ Got up and into the car and set off for the cotswold wildlife park place, decided to sleep in the car..and then my nose went ultra itchy too LOL, like i dont know if it was the vibration from the road or what but i couldnt sleep, by the time we got there i had a nose like rudolph which i wasnt happy about =p  I saw my brother, i know he's home next week but its still good to see him. I got to see my beloved car aswell <3 haha. Its really weird to think hes moving to spain next week. Like i wont be able to just call him or anything, and i wont see him for 4 months, like thats so so long =/ We dont always see eye to eye, he annoys me so much lol..but he's still my brother and after everything we've been through as a family it just feels really odd being so far from him for so long. Im trying not to dwell on it too much, i know he has a life to live and he doesnt need us holding him back.  I go to Thailand in like a week...got some new clothes today ready for the trip. Going to be an adventure lol, more excited to go so i can home again haha, im like MEGA excited about Sam coming to stay on the 8th! All in all its been an ok day, wonder what 2moro will bring! =]


Today's kinda sucked to be honest, I had nowhere near enough sleep for me lol..I got fed on stupid diet mush food for my meals, had a headache, couldnt beat this gay-ass level on the DS, found out i might not be able to see sam afterall, broke the headfone jack on my laptop, my headache came back and my leg wont stop being itchy to the point ive taken half my skin off it now LOL ..On a brighter note, im going out for the day 2moro..just hope the weather holds out!
I went to bed at 6am and got up at 6pm today, i had a really weird dream about working in a haunted house and losing some woman down a drain in there and freaking out trying to find her before i got fired lol. Then for some reason i was kissing some guy i went to school with in a lift. People say your dreams mean stuff or are indications of how you're feeling, if so im pretty confused about now :P Have had a headache like solid today which has sucked, think its probably got a lot to do with the fact that ive spent all day staring at my laptop screen playing games on MMOCCF. Tomorrow i am dreading, i have to go fishing with the parentals and i really dont want to. I hate the idea of having no internet all afternoon and stuff, plus i have to sit by some stinking stagnant pond with horrible fish everywhere. If i cant get out if it then i guess il take my fone and my camera and entertain myself lol. only 8 days now until james comes home and i get my hands on my new car! Im happy with how things are working out lately, im really looking forwards to the coming few weeks =]

June 28th

Today has been like the least productive day i have had in a long time! I didn't go to bed until 7am and then stayed alseep until just gone 6pm this evening =/ From the point of getting up all i have done is watch tv, browse the internet and drink apple juice LOL. Hoping 2moro is a bit more entertaining. On a brighter note, less than 2 weeks until i get my car!!! =D

Haven't blogged in AGES =/

Well this week has been like full of suprises!, First of all my dad insured me on his 4x4, i went out for a lesson in it and it was scary as hell lol, like the thing is seriously a tank. I was all settled with the notion in my head that when i returned from Thailand i was going to get myself a crappy old car etc until James rang home and got worried to hear i was planning on getting something cheap and potentially unsafe. He has a real thing about car safety since his crash which i suppose makes perfect sense, anyway he decided that he wasnt happy with me buying a car that probably wouldnt have airbags etc and so announced he was giving me his Mercedes. I mean i really dont know what to say its the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, i mean its not like its some cheap hand-me-down..its a REALLY nice car. The insurance has all been sorted out on it and as of the 5th i can legally drive it. I have to drive up to Milton Keynes and back on the 12th with him which normally i wouldnt be over-joyed about as it means hours by myself in the car, but this time its going to be awesome as im stopping by to visit Sam while im over that way. Its weird how things pan out in the end, a few days ago i was all down thinking il never get back on the road without incurring massive debt, and now here i am with a brand new car and it hasnt cost me a penny! 

Boring day

Well todays been completely retarded. I got up at 12, watched some tv then had a shower and then spent the rest of the day on the sofa and set some kind of record lol. My rents went to Cathy and Steves house for another BBQ, had mum going on and on about how their son Sam was going to be a forensic scientist and how we have soo much in common *rolls eyes* Like fair enough if he actually wants to do that kind of thing, but judging by what he told my mum about his fantastic future career it sounds like he watched 2 episodes of CSI and decided he was going to do that LOL. Apparently he's really interested with serial killers too so mother decided to tell him to come over whenever he wants and he can borrow my books...gee, thanks mum. So aside from trying to pair me off with the 16 year old not much has happened today.Oh, the cat tried to kill itself which was kind of amusing lol. Its got a thyroid problem and wont stop hassling us for food 24/7 and its getting VERY annoying. I went to the loo and he was outside the door yowling and scratching at the paintwork so i had to open the door and let him in with me lol, well i went to the loo, flushed it and started washing my hands only to see the cat leap headfirst into the toilet bowl as it was flushing. He managed to kind of get out before he got wet, but god damn was it funny lol. He ran so fastout the door it was like a blur haha, then he asked to go outside...in the rain =/ so he ended up drenched in the end anyway lol. I didnt txt Joe today, i wanted to..like REALLY wanted to, but i just dont want to meet him with his gf there.  I'd rather if it was just the 2 of us, i just dont get why everything is always so complicated. I mean i know im not much of a looker and im not stick thin, but my hearts in the right place and i dont think im a bad person. I just dont see why its so rediculously hard to find someone that can see past whats on the outside! One of the few people i know can do that is taken so just a great big PFFFFFT lol.  Looking forward to tomorrow, i get to drive the Shogun around town mwuahahaha. Just looking forwards to being able to get out this bloody house when i want!

June 20th

Well todays been pretty dull. I went to bed at reasonable time and got up at a reasonable time but still felt awful! I played some solitaire with Sam and then watched Prisoner with mum. I was dropping off to sleep when it got into its 2nd hour haha. Decided to go back to bed, i remember layin on my bed and then my brother ringing me although i dont have a clue what we spoke about...i was THAT out if it :P When i got back up i went and played the xbox for a while, im getting really bored with it but i still find myself playing it for stupidly long amounts of time :/ Spent the rest of the evening working on my Kongregate badges, watching the tv and looking for addons for firefox as i just upgraded to version 3 and my nexopia toolbar doesnt work with it- the toolbar looks too skinny without the nex bar up there! So far i havent found anything that doesnt annoy me, was looking for a myspace one but there arent any compatible with the new firefox version =[ Well other than that nothing to tell, highlight of the day was getting nuggets and milkshake from mcdonalds, oh and convincing mum and dad to give me James' bedroom haha.  Only thing im looking forwards to right now is going to bed, i am absolutely shattered..will sleep well tonight!

19th June

Todays been completely amazing, as a last resort i sent an email to the school where Joe's mum last worked, to be perfectly honest i really wasn't expecting a reply or any kind of lead as the past year i haven't so why would my luck change now? Well it did, Ann contacted me saying they were all well and was asking lots of questions about how i was etc. I actually got to txt Joe, i've spent so long thinking about what i would say if i got to speak to him, it all went out the window lol. He says he has a gf now, i dont know how i feel about that, to say i'm dissapointed would be selfish i guess, i've got what i have wanted for so long and that is to speak to him. Hoping for more is just greedy, i should just be happy i have contact right? Meh, weird weird WEIRD situation. Still sucking up the singledom..not much fun

17th June

Today has been like mind-numbingly BORING. My rents spent the day off fishing and i was home alone with nobody to talk to =[ was playing GTA on the xbox for a bit but its hard as hell to control and i'm not so sure i like it lol. I only used to like stealing motorbikes and doing wheelies, so far i havent seen a bike in this version which sucks lol.  Theres been no new games or badges to get on Kongregate for a few days so theres nothing for me on there, so far ive spent my evening sending comments out on myspace - FUN =/ Hoping someone interesting comes online or somethin before i go completely insane =[   I need to get out of this house though seriously, i am slowly starting to go mad...

16th June

Today's kinda sucked to put it shortly lol. I watched a film with my mum this morning after she moaned and moaned about wanting to watch one, the film we put on i have seen before so was watching it for her sake more than anything, then she decides to fall asleep. Everytime i decide i'll just turn the film off and let her sleep and go on my laptop she wakes up and yells at me to keep it on, despite the fact she'd missed 90% of it. Then my dad came home and they started bickering, so then i had mum crying and yelling all afternoon. Im dreading 2moro, im on my own all day, looks like the xbox is gonna get used a lot lol. I had yet another dream about Joe last night. I am just 100% sick to death of being single now, at first it didnt bother me so much and everything but now it's just just REALLY annoying me. Like i've kinda just accepted the fact i'm not going to find the guy lol, but someone? I'm fed up of being the plain Jane, sick of being just friends... Any guys with low standards/poor eyesight then hey...message me! LOL

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