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I went to bed at 6am and got up at 6pm today, i had a really weird dream about working in a haunted house and losing some woman down a drain in there and freaking out trying to find her before i got fired lol. Then for some reason i was kissing some guy i went to school with in a lift. People say your dreams mean stuff or are indications of how you're feeling, if so im pretty confused about now :P Have had a headache like solid today which has sucked, think its probably got a lot to do with the fact that ive spent all day staring at my laptop screen playing games on MMOCCF. Tomorrow i am dreading, i have to go fishing with the parentals and i really dont want to. I hate the idea of having no internet all afternoon and stuff, plus i have to sit by some stinking stagnant pond with horrible fish everywhere. If i cant get out if it then i guess il take my fone and my camera and entertain myself lol. only 8 days now until james comes home and i get my hands on my new car! Im happy with how things are working out lately, im really looking forwards to the coming few weeks =]

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