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June 20th

Well todays been pretty dull. I went to bed at reasonable time and got up at a reasonable time but still felt awful! I played some solitaire with Sam and then watched Prisoner with mum. I was dropping off to sleep when it got into its 2nd hour haha. Decided to go back to bed, i remember layin on my bed and then my brother ringing me although i dont have a clue what we spoke about...i was THAT out if it :P When i got back up i went and played the xbox for a while, im getting really bored with it but i still find myself playing it for stupidly long amounts of time :/ Spent the rest of the evening working on my Kongregate badges, watching the tv and looking for addons for firefox as i just upgraded to version 3 and my nexopia toolbar doesnt work with it- the toolbar looks too skinny without the nex bar up there! So far i havent found anything that doesnt annoy me, was looking for a myspace one but there arent any compatible with the new firefox version =[ Well other than that nothing to tell, highlight of the day was getting nuggets and milkshake from mcdonalds, oh and convincing mum and dad to give me James' bedroom haha.  Only thing im looking forwards to right now is going to bed, i am absolutely shattered..will sleep well tonight!

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